Why Your Dream Board Isn’t Working

Have you heard of dream boards?  Maybe you have one.  A dream board is a collage of things that you dream about someday getting. Maybe it’s the Rolex watch, or the Rolls Royce Phantom, or maybe you dream about becoming the CEO of your company. All seems like a harmless good idea, right?  Wrong! DREAM boards don’t work. They are just dreams. They aren’t a reality, they have no timeline, there is no action plan on how to accomplish your DREAM.

Here’s the good news: you don’t need to toss your DREAM board. Rename it your GOALS board (physically alter it). The things you put on that board need to be more than a sleepy time thought drifting through your mind while you are cuddled up under your warm blankets at night. They need a dose of reality. Why?  Because dreams are for sleeping and goals are for achieving.

So now what?  I just rained on your parade. Or did I?  I bet most of you reading this have never accomplished more than maybe one thing on your DREAM board. I too had a modified DREAM board and I have accomplished many of the things on the board, but I didn’t start achieving those DREAMS until I simply turned them into GOALS. DREAM boards, most of them are lists of material things that we all want. That’s usually what DREAM boards are for most people. They are very effective at stirring up excitement and emotion in a MLM conference or at a sales meeting. But that’s all they are good for. A little temporary feel good to get you to the next day.

So what do you need to do other than change the name of your DREAM board?  You need to set an action plan on how you plan to achieve the GOALS on your board. Now, I’m a believer in thinking BIG, so if you have BIG GOALS, keep them there. But map out exactly what you plan to do in order to achieve those GOALS. You will find that by putting an action plan in place with both mental (similar to dreaming) and physical action your DREAMS turned GOALS will now become a reality.