What Makes Me Different? Nothing!

Actually, that’s not one hundred percent accurate. What makes me different is the way I think.  The way I think is different than most. People say you’ve either got it or you don’t, but that’s not true. You can “get it” any time, anywhere. In fact, you have it right now—you just have to ASK for it.  Someone or something has to teach you how to think and how to train your mind to ASK MORE. My book Ask More Get More will teach you skills, strategies and techniques that will get you more out ofanything you want.

I had a high school teacher tell me that I was one of those rough kids who “got it.” But I only got it after I was taught how to think differently. My book teaches you how to think differently and have the success mindset. Not a millionaire mindset, not some crazy abstract lofty theoretical mindset, but true success in whatever you want to do.  If you want millions you will get it, if you want a nicer house, or a car, you will get it.  You just have to ASK MORE to GET MORE! Yes, it is that simple and that easy!


Opportunity and responsibility

What is an opportunity?  An opportunity is something that comes your way that could increase your personal NET WORTH that you need to take advantage of.  Most times an opportunity comes your way by being given a new responsibility. A responsibility is something that you must personally manage, control, implement and ultimately just DO. If you so choose.

Blurred lines

Let’s say you are a call center agent at a large call center and your manager asks you to become a team leader, essentially managing a small group of other agents. This is an opportunity to build value in your personal NET WORTH, but it is also a new responsibility.  A responsibility that may not allow you to make the commissions you are used to. You may have to schedule your team members and that takes time. You may have to train them, you may have to coach them, watch them and ultimately be responsible for their success.  This new responsibility is really an opportunity that is given to you without any increase in pay or additional pay.

Unfortunately in this situation MOST people look at this as a hassle and look at it as possibly the employer taking advantage of the employee.  Successful people however recognize that what is before them is an opportunity to grow with the company and grow personally. It may very well be that the employer is just trying to get more work out of you with no intention of promoting you or considering you for advancement within. Unlikely, but possible.

Regardless, you have been given an opportunity to learn how to manage a team of people, an opportunity to learn how to train people, an opportunity to develop new and desirable skills to not only your current employer but NEW potential employers. Once you realize that responsibility really means opportunity, the compensation WILL come. This is guaranteed. It works.

What makes me different?

In my book Ask More Get More, I discuss how to embrace responsibility and how to recognize that responsibility is really just an opportunity to grow.  So, ASK yourself, do you want MORE?  Do you want to increase your NET WORTH?  Then take every opportunity that comes your way. What makes me different is that I ASK for MORE everyday.