What is Your Stock Price?

If you were a corporation would people invest in you?  Are you increasing your stock prices? Are you increasing your valuation or what I call your NET WORTH of YOU Enterprises? People ask me almost every day what they can do to increase their NET WORTH.  I discuss this concept in my book Ask More Get More but there is a lot more to discuss.  As the CEO of YOU Enterprises you must ASK yourself what are you doing day in and day out to increase your NET WORTH.

You see, as humans we are all given the same exact thing when we are born and that is ourselves.  The only way to get better at anything in life is to DO MORE to improve the stock in YOU Enterprises.  But, what specifically do you need to do to increase your NET WORTH?  Well, every person and situation is different, but we are all our own business and responsible for our fiscal health in our own corporation.  There are many things that we can do to improve our stock prices and NET WORTH.

Another thing that all humans have is time.  One of the biggest excuses I hear is that people don’t have enough time.  So, I’m not going to suggest you spend inordinate hours every day doing something to increase your NET WORTH, but I am suggesting that you set aside some time every day for yourself in order to increase value in YOU Enterprises.  Some basic things are:

  1. Take a class.  Learn something new, something that interests you, something that will expand your mind.
  2. Read a book.  Read just a half hour each day of any type of book.  I would suggest a book that will teach you a new skill, or ways to improve your skills over a fictional book; however any book will increase your NET WORTH.
  3. Write down your business plan for YOU Enterprises. As part of your business plan, establish tangible, realistic and achievable goals.  Put a plan in place to achieve those goals; read and improve upon those goals every day.  Ask yourself what is your exit plan?  Meaning, once you achieve these goals, what are you going to do next to increase your NET WORTH?

These are just a few things you can do to improve your stock price and NET WORTH, but take notice that I did not talk about money.  Money will come when your value increases.  Too many people in my field think that money is the end-all be-all, money is certainly important and it’s not evil.  In fact, with money you can change the world.  But increasing your NET WORTH is not about money, it’s about making you better, it’s about changing your outlook on life and your family’s life.

There are 24 hours in a day and practically all of them you can increase your NET WORTH, even in your sleep.  When you sleep enough you are physically healthier, have more energy and help prevent disease. When you are at your place of employment, try to learn more about your occupation and get better every day.  Start with just 30 minutes a day and improve your NET WORTH, and then expand on this each and every day.  Increasing your personal NET WORTH will then bring to you the financial rewards that so many of us are interested in.  Ultimately, we are talking about asking moreout of you.