What If You Were the Boss?

Recently my daughter said to me “you’re not the boss of me” and of course I responded, well for the next eleven years I am.

She was actually just joking with me, but that same day I walked into my office on a weekend day in shorts, a sweatshirt, unshaven and unrecognizable to most of my staff.  I walked in because I was checking up on a new division that we had just built out.  It was one of our sales centers, and we spent about 50k renovating the space.  I have done this several times throughout my career and it usually does not go well.  It is usually at five in the morning or earlier and people are in a zombie-like state, strolling in to take calls at my Sales Center. This time was different and I am happy to report that, for the most part, the office was clean, everyone was upbeat and dressed for success.

In my book Ask More Get More, I ask the question; “What if you were the boss?”  What would you expect from your employees?  One thing that I expect is that every employee treat Blue Vase Marketing as if it was their company, as if they were the ones who closed out their 401k, maxed their credit cards, leveraged their relationship capital to the hilt, borrowed millions of dollars and went all in to create this amazing company.  It is very difficult for some to conceptualize this and internalize it, but once people take ownership of their own domain at my company and ASK themselves “What if I were the boss?”, then they start acting more like a boss.

Now I’m not going to tell you that we are perfect because we aren’t close; some Sales Professionals had sneakers on, I was actually in the elevator with one Sales Professional who was strolling in late and some were just sitting in their cubes zoning out.  But most of them, more than a majority, were the type of professionals that me the BOSS expects.

Some people say the definition of integrity is doing the right thing when no one else is looking.  I agree with this definition, but would change it a little to fit better into our business environment; doing the right thing even when the boss isn’t looking will increase your personal and professionalNET WORTH.  The employees who really get this concept are the ones who are in management positions or who are aspiring to climb the corporate ladder.

Ask yourself, do I act like the owner or boss?  What if the owner or boss walked into my space right now, what would they think?  Would they be impressed?  Am I just an employee?  Or am I an owner?  Do I pick up trash when I see it or step over it?  OWNERS and BOSSES take ownership and that’s how they became the boss or the owner.  Looking for more ways to increase your net worth?  Want to be the boss?  I can show you how.  Check out my book Ask More Get More.