Is the Sky the Limit?

You always hear the phrase “the sky’s the limit” when people want to motivate others. Some others are “shoot for the stars”, or “shoot for the moon”. The challenge with the latter examples are that they are actually achievable goals. But because the moon and the stars figuratively and literally seem so far, people can’t look beyond them. I have always preached realistic optimism and I still stand by this philosophy. However, I have never been a proponent of limiting your goals. Thinking big is what has gotten me to where I am today, not limiting my goals no matter how big they are.

A couple days ago I was talking with my ten year daughter about space exploration. We were watching an episode on the Discovery channel about the colonization of Mars. She was perplexed by why we would want to go there and what else was out there in space. I explained that space is infinite and how space is actually growing. Imagine that, space is infinite and actually growing, but we tell young impressionable kids and adults that the sky is their LIMIT! We are really telling them their growth or success is finite. Crazy, right? Great intentions from great people who want to help others are actually limiting people.

The sky should never be the limit, just ask Elon Musk or Richard Branson. If they thought sky was the limit they would never be who they are today. Your potential truly is infinite. Next time you want to say “the sky’s the limit”, change it to “life has infinite potential”.

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