Good Morning. F&*k That!

Is that what people strive for? Just a good morning?  I started thinking about it. People always say “good morning” to each other. Good is mediocre. Good is just above okay and slightly above terrible. I don’t want to be good. I want to be great. Sometimes people respond, “I’m good”, when asked how they are doing. Fuck that. Being just good sucks. Let’s be great! Let’s be fantastic. Good is not enough. You want to be great!

When I say great, I’m not talking about some unrealistic and naive status in life. I’m saying, you want to feel great!  You want to be great in your world, during your day and around your family. As you reprogram your mind from being just good, you will begin to do great things and people will gravitate toward you. Good does not get you far in life. Have you ever heard anyone get excited about how good a team is or how good a professional athlete at the top of their game is?  No, the ones that really get talked about are the great ones. Everyone is “good”, some may be terrible which is slightly below good, but only the great get talked about. So tomorrow when you wake up, have a GREAT morning!  And stop saying “good morning” to people. It’s now “great morning!”, “great afternoon”, “great evening”. You get it!  Now go get it.