Get Your Shit Together

Recently I had someone reach out to me through Facebook with what I think is a very promising business idea asking me for help. I walked through how I would do it and some of the basics that every person needs to do in order to get started. I explained with very specific action points as to how to get started. This is something that I would normally charge a lot of money for. After I finished almost an hour of putting together an action plan I explained what needed to be done almost immediately. The following week the person called me asking for more help, which I was ready and willing to give.   However, one basic fundamental thing that everyone needs before they start anything in LIFE – they need to get their shit together. Now I don’t know this person but when I asked if they had basics like a credit or debit card to set up part of their business, they told me they had it written down… Somewhere!!!  But needed to think about where it was.

Before you begin anything, you need to ask, am I ready?  Do I have the most basic things in order? If not, like a High School teacher told me one day when I was going down the wrong path, “Mike get your fucking shit together.”

A family member of mine who I love dearly and take care of the best I can needs a car. He has been in several car accidents and his insurance payments would be more than that of an actual car payment. So he drives around beat up $500.00 cars because he doesn’t want to “deal with” the payments. Statements like: “I ain’t about to make no $600.00 a month insurance payment,” drive me nuts. So, when? When will you be ready?  When they are $800.00 a month?

Sometimes you have to suck it up and realize that YOU got YOU here and YOU need to get YOUwhere YOU need to go. Not your mother, not your brother, not your buddy, YOU!  In my book Ask More Get More I discuss how to run YOU, Enterprises, Inc. in order to be more productive and more successful, because YOU are your own business and once you realize that, then maybe you will get your shit together.

Maybe it’s because I sold cars that I have one more for story for you. A brother of mine was lucky enough to get a brand new car, all he needed to do was prove he had a job, which he did and that he had a bank account – which he didn’t. You know why?  Because he stiffed the bank when he was younger. Not paying a bank is worse than stiffing a credit card company. All the banks have an interconnected system where they warn each other of people like this. Eventually we got it fixed. The above are just Mental Monsters that NEVER go away. They just get worse. So get your shit togetherNOW so you can be successful later.