FML & TGIF?? Really?

I’m a fan of social media for two reasons: One, for staying in touch with “friends” and two for business purposes and marketing. Everything else that social media stands for I despise. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and every other social media site is filled with negative activity. It is a virtual world of unhappiness. Faceless (sometimes) doomsday prophets who have never accomplished anything but bringing people down and killing other people’s aspirations.

Now, I know I’m painting with a pretty broad brush, but for the most part people are spending their time telling the world about how much they hate their lives. Things like, I hate my job, my ex-husband is a loser, I can’t stand when people…, I’m broke, I can’t lose weight and most of these posts are then followed up with FML.

F@&$ my life!

These people need FML with a different meaning. Fix My Life. That’s what people need to do. They need to fix their lives rather than feeling sorry for themselves.

Rather than trying to FTL (Fix Their Life) they are just perpetuating their unhappiness by telling others about their miserable lives. I have all but stopped using Facebook other than for business and marketing. It makes me so sad to see how unhappy people are.

In order to improve your life you must cleanse your social media circle. Here are a few easy steps to cut out negativity and bring positive energy your way.

  1. Block or unfriend people who are constantly posting negative things. (This is so empowering and you will literally INSTANTLY feel better.)
  2. Refrain from posting anything negative yourself.
  3. Only check or post twice a day. Spend the time that you would have reading or posting by doing something positive and constructive.

So today is Friday January 24, 2014. TGIF?  Right?

Wrong! Days of the week shouldn’t determine your happiness. Is everybody still working for the weekend? Everyday you should be thankful.  One minor mental change will change your life. This is my acronym and it’s TGIT. Thank God It’s Today! Another day that I’m upright and can be productive. Another day that I can Ask for More out of my whole life! Everyday, not just the weekend.

Some of you may be reading this and saying who are you Alden?  You don’t know my struggle. You are right I don’t, but I know what mine was and is. When I changed the way I thought, I not only Asked for More, I thought a little differently and Got More. So, TGIT to you!  Enjoy it!