Why Bother?

I often wonder why people do certain things

For example, why bother telling someone you are going to quit smoking and then don’t even try?  Why bother buying a gym membership if you don’t go? Why bother going to the grocery store and buying healthy food but not eat it?  Why bother going to college and then quit? I saw this one a few times in law school. Why bother graduating law school and not take the bar exam?

The answer can come in a couple parts.  The number one reason why people don’t follow through with their good intentions is fear.  They are fearful of failure, they are fearful of what others may think of them, they are down right scared of the unknown.  They are also fearful of success. What happens when I do quit smoking? What now? That means I can never smoke again. People will be watching.  What happens when I get that promotion that I put in for? Then people will expect more out of me. I will be making more money. People will look to me for answers. That scares me.  

Here is a BIG one I see: I really want to start or grow my business but I’m afraid because I don’t know how. What if it fails?

In my business people buy products and services from me that will have a positive impact on their lives.  But, what I have found is that so many people buy my books or my products and they do nothing with them. It baffles me.  It used to offend me. It also scares me and saddens me, because I’m just like my customers.

What is the number two reason why people don’t take that next step?  It’s a term that I coined in my book Ask More Get More.

That is Excusetosis, it is the disease that many of us are infected with.  It destroys our aspirations, it holds us back and it also comforts us as to why we don’t take action. Excusetosis is a disease that allows us to make excuses for anything and everything we can.  I didn’t quit smoking because its hard, I didn’t go on a diet because its hard, I dropped out of college because it was time consuming, I didn’t take the bar exam because I was too busy with work.  I didn’t start my business because I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t read that book because I just hadn’t got around to it. Excuses are dream killers, plain and simple. Excusetosis robs so many of us the life that we so want and desire.  

Well, here is the GREAT news. Excusetosis is curable at any age, anywhere in the world at any time.  It can be cured with something that we all have. Each and every person reading this has it.  It is the most powerful tool on the planet. It will get you through tough times, it will help you push harder and farther than you ever had before.  That thing is YOU and your willingness and desire to want more. It’s that simple. Here are some tips on how to cure Excusetosis and move forward.

  1. Like Nike said: Just do it.  But do it NOW
  2. Understand that you will want to make excuses. DON’T
  3. Be self-aware of your own actions
  4. Recognize that you WILL make excuses but that is not another excuse to give up
  5. Do not procrastinate in what it is you originally set out to do.  As I said in number 1, DO IT NOW!